Sunday, November 3, 2013

The 3rd Year Story

The bottom three character designs are the original designs i had for my idea for storyboarding class in the first couple weeks of school. The idea was about a superhero(personified alarm sound) named Red Alert whose sole purpose was to wake up people on time so in this case he has to wake up sleepy Jerry (his name was later changed to Miles) but Red's arch nemesis Night Bear( who personifies the desire to sleep in) stands in his way to waking up Jerry. Red successfully wakes up Jerry. The story is suppose to symbolize the struggle to wake up on mornings. To my surprise people like the idea when i pitched it to them and were excited for it, i was even more surprised and extremely honored( for real words cannot describe how much of an honor it is that people like my idea for a 3rd year film i couldn't believe it)  that my group ended up using the idea for the 3rd year film. The second one from the top is more designs and the top one is some more designs for the group and most were mix and based off some really cool designs from my group members.

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