Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Idea Alert 4

All the characters i must develop some more except the one on the lower right because that one was a sketch from a flier hmm or maybe i can......... maybe i can (ofcorseiwouldhavetomakeallthenesscarychangessoitlooksnothingliketheflierbut)
maybe i can

Nin-Jacked's Misadventures

 This is my character timeline assignment soooo much fun drawing these characters took me sooo long to do but it was worth it at the end especially with a very pleasant outcome because for the first time my work was actually shown in class as a good example of this assignment. This much like my walk run animation showed me that if i really put my heart into it i will exceeded beyond expectations

Last 2

This is my last 2 paintings for second year. I must get better at Photoshop

Sunday, April 28, 2013

5 Layouts Western Theme

I tried charcoal for the first time and it fun to use messy but fun

Thursday, April 25, 2013

One Eye With a Muzzle and Beak

My Toss character beak and Muzzle character



Idea Alert 3

This goes back to what i was saying about making a character or superhero out of any animal and the red panda is soo cool and cute at the same time so that explains the red mask at the top left. The one on the bottom is a spy the one upward from her is a personification of the grim reaper and below him a crazy magician design.


Practicing drawing the Playtpus (summer'12)


These drawings (summer'12) were personified forms of wrath, greed jealously and lust. The troll one on the bottom is based of a character from the monster book of manga fairies and magical creatures

Idea Alert 2

I had this cool idea for another heroine named Viglantress her insignia is a target icon with a V in the middle i want to develop a good story for her. The guy on the left is like a solider with a axe shield 

Ninjas and Samurais

Love ninjas and samurai. More old stuff  (around first year)

Yea Video Games

This was also done a while back some time in first year. These characters are inspired from Soul Calibur characters Maxi and Algol. The one pointing was also inspired from a pic of this cool martial artists i saw on the internet i wish i remembered his name. The guy on the right now that i think about looks like Shazam and Flash(DC) put together

Cafe eh

These are my favorite cafe sketches i did in summer 2012


In the summer of 2012 i was drawing people from fliers the one on the bottom was i think either from my imagination or a pushed version from one of the fliers

More Faces

I was practicing how to draw faces alot in the summer (2012) and i was trying to draw them from my imagination the one on the bottom page lower left corner was inspired from sub zero from mortal kombat

Idea Alert

I dont know if its just me but i like making a superhero out of anything i deem somewhat interesting. I think it was when i saw a blue heron flying near by and i thought what a cool bird. Then Bam i sketch an idea for blue heron for a super heroine hmm i might name her Blue Heroine (maybe). I definitely want to develop her design more.


This is another character that i did back in first year. Hes a prankster hes kinda like Bart Simpson if he were a monkey

Caricatures Sketches

I did this in first year. Training for the caricature assignment for life drawing

Sabertooth Study

 Studying the sabertooth skeleton at Royal Ontario Museum

Cast Study